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Meet the Staff

Innervision Eyewear Staff - Cliff
Clifton Balter, Manager and Optician
Clifton has been in the optical industry for over twenty-five years. He founded InnerVision in 2003 with the goal of creating an eyeglass shopping experience specializing in customer service. Getting to know his clients allows Cliff to create the perfect optical products for their unique needs. Cliff’s favorite eyewear line is Lindberg, because it offers durable, lightweight, vastly customizable eyewear. The frames are the highest quality available, utilizing medical grade titanium and silicon. Wanting to bring Lindberg’s customizability and comfort to all his clients, but at a lower price point, Cliff recently launched Philly Eyeworks, available in a vast array of color/finish options and shapes. Hand-finished at InnerVision, Philly Eyeworks are highly affordable and available exclusively online at and at InnerVision. In his spare time, Cliff enjoys spending time with his family and thinking about Stanley Kubrick.
Innervision Eyewear Staff - Emily
Emily Balter, Optician
Emily has been with InnerVision since 2004. A snappy dresser and expert optician, Emily specializes in bringing cutting-edge optical trends to InnerVision customers. Emily coordinates InnerVision’s community outreach efforts, providing eyewear for underprivileged youth among. Patient and relaxed, Emily’s personality compliments that of her husband Cliff. Emily’s favorite eyewear line is Salt because of its easy wear and edgy, but practical design. In her spare time she enjoys reading shopping, planning vacations, and being with her family. Fun Fact: After graduating Villanova University, Emily moved in to an apartment right next door to InnerVision’s original location in Manayunk, where Cliff had an apartment above the store.
Innervision Eyewear Staff - Rob
Rob Grover, Lab Manager
In the optical industry since 1991, Rob has worked for national chains as well as independent optical companies. Among his docket of qualifications, Rob has run lens fabrication labs, managed sales teams and owned his own optical boutique. Rob’s specialties are ophthalmic science, lens fabrication, custom rimless drilling and high-level adjustments/repairs. Rob is one of the best at diagnosing and correcting visual issues that may arise, providing peace of mind to InnerVision clients. When not at InnerVision, Rob enjoys surfing, martial arts- including jujitsu and sword fighting, gourmet cooking, zen meditation, studying Japanese kanji, rock climbing, among many, many, many other things. He is also starting a family with his wife Nikki.
Innervision Eyewear Staff - Lauren
Lauren Morihara, Assistant Manager
Lauren Morihara is not Japanese. She is, however, an excellent optician specializing in the science of optics and correcting vision issues. Lauren has a passion for fashion, and stays up-to-the-minute on trends. Her excellent eyes (though not 20/20— she wears specs like the rest of us!) allow her to pick out the perfect pair of glasses for any customer’s face shape. Lauren’s sense of humor has earned her InnerVision’s highest-ever number of positive customer reviews. Lauren’s favorite eyewear line is Barton Perriera. A sophisticated yet contemporary line, Barton glasses are superior-quality. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys eating string cheese, making paper chains and riding her bicycle.
Innervision Eyewear Staff - leva
leva Yaker
leva Yaker is a woman with two loves; her American husband and the world of fine eyewear. While she certainly isn’t new to being an optician, she is new to Philadelphia. Ieva’s story starts in a tiny little village (large city) in Latvia, where one day her true love to be was traveling through town. The two met and instantly fell in love and soon after they married and Ieva relocated to Philadelphia. Back in Latvia Ieva was an expert optician and master frame stylist. Bringing her keen sense of international style and experience working in all phases of optical, Ieva has taken the Philly eyeglass scene by storm! Ieva’s favorite line of glasses is Philly EyeWorks because the brand is as eclectic as she is. She spends her spare time cooking, honing her use of Philly slang, and watching her musician husband play great jazz music.
Innervision Eyewear Staff - Jules Domrzalski
Jules Domrzalski
Jules was the mascot for her high school football team. She wore a panther costume and while the team won only three games during her four year career she demonstrated a positive spirit that high school football in the state of Pennsylvania had never before seen. Jules brings that same positive spirit to InnerVision. Whether it’s working out an insurance problem a customer is dealing with, finding the perfect pair of glasses for a patient, or just driving Cliff crazy, Jules is a wonderful young lady with an infectiously positive attitude that rubs off on everyone except Lauren and Ieva. Some other fun facts about Jules: as a child she wanted to be a nun, she is allergic to horses, she was a junior fire fighter but never actually finished her training, she is currently looking for a couch for her apartment, she wanted to be a stand-up comedian for approximately two weeks in early June of 2015, she believes herself to be a mathematician, and she is generally a terrific person!

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