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Nicole D., December 2014 (Demandforce)
"I have been to many Center City eyewear stores for glasses and I can absolutely say this is the best one. First, the selection is incredible. They have everything from high-quality lightweight frames to everyday glasses to pure artwork for your face. But it doesn't stop there. The customer service is unmatched. Shopping in other high-end eyewear stores, I found the salespeople to be impatient and snobby. The team at Innervision is incredible - patient, helpful, will go through 30 pair of glasses and keep them all organized with your favorites, to make your choice an easy one that you will be confident in at the end of the process. They tell you what looks good on you and are totally honest about it. My first time there was last year and the experience was so great I went back again this year. These people are the real deal. Once a 99% contact lens wearer, I am now completely in love with my glasses and never want to take them off. I honestly cannot wait to go back again next year."
Colin P., October 2014 (Demandforce)
"There are many places one can get a decent eye exam and buy glasses, but I've never been to one as wonderful as Innervision. I wandered in one day because they had some great looking frames in the window, and my glasses were loose. The optician was very nice and then fixed them for free! So the next time I needed glasses I went there, and despite the fact that the frames are wonderful, I'd say the best thing about Innervision is the customer service. Every person there has been helpful and kind, and they've helped us with our insurance too. I would recommend Innervision to anyone who is looking for great glasses AND terrific support. As long as I live in Philadelphia I'll get my glasses here."
Julie M., November 2014 (Demandforce)
"The team at Innervision are wonderful! The eye appointment was quick and sufficient. I picked out lenses too! The sales team really knows face shapes, current trends, and personal needs to find the perfect fit for me. I was only there for about 10 minutes picking out a frame and that was all the time needed! They give honest feedback, which is definitely appreciated! They know insurance like the back of their hand and are there to help with any questions you may have. Great location too! Will definitely recommend to anyone with vision needs."
(for Paul)Paul H, January 2014 (Demandforce)
"Can we please move to TEN STARS???? The service is beyond compare. The selection, beyond cutting edge! "
Audrey P., September 2014 (Yelp)
"I wandered by this place several years ago. I'd always noticed the great, unique frames in the window, and because I'd been having trouble with a small part on my glasses, I stopped by to see if the optician could help me. A few minutes later he emerged, having replaced the part and cleaned my glasses, adjusted them, all at no charge. So, the next time I needed glasses I came here, and my whole family has been using them since. Every single person has been great. The service is phenomenal. My son has had problems with a frame and they have repeatedly helped us out. They take insurance, and will even talk to the insurance company for you if there's a problem. This place is really terrific. The selection of frames is terrific, and many I've never seen anywhere else. In the heart of Center City, we usually have fun walking around the shops and getting lunch after a visit here. Great selection, great service, great location."
Lisa J, March 2014 (Demandforce)
"I've never had any type of appointment related to my health where I felt such genuine kindness during my first visit. The staff is so courteous. My appointment was on time. All of my questions were answered, and my glasses were ready in an hour. It was awesome. I'd recommend them to anyone!"
Devon W, August 2014 (Demandforce)
"This was my first eye exam I have ever had and they made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. Not only were the people working pleasant, but the atmosphere of the office was pleasant. They even prepared my glasses and prescription within a day."
Anonymous, April 2014 (Google)
"This place is great! I stumbled upon it originally just window shopping, but their selection was so good that I couldn't resist a new pair. Everyone seemed truly interested in helping me find the best frames for my face and were incredibly patient with my indecision. When my partner was hesitant with the pair that I brought home (they were ready within an hour) we went back to the store a few days later and they again let me try on half of the inventory before I picked a different color in my original frames. They happily switched out my lenses and promised they would again if I changed my mind. Wonderful service and great glasses and totally worth the price!"
Kathleen M., February 2014 (Yelp)
"Just stopped in here today to browse for my very first pair of glasses. I had been dreading it as I imagined it to be something like shopping for jeans - painstakingly slow and usually disappointing. Not so! The guy who helped me (who I believe owns the store) was very helpful and never pushy. I appreciated having the advice of someone who actually spends a good deal of time assessing how people look in glasses. He helped me find the perfect pair!"
RLDavid, April 2014 (Citysearch)
"A top notch place for prescription glasses in Philadelphia – I have been wearing prescription glasses for decades, and I have had them made in different cities across the country where I have lived. Innervision is about the best place I have found. I have a complex prescription and my usual experienece is that I have would to go back a number of times in order to get it made right. However, at Innervision, they get it right the first time. It is such a pleasure to go there knowing that I won't have to go back again and again just to get it exactly as prescribed. They now have their own laboratory on site, which greatly speeds things up. And if I am using a frame I already have, I don't have to leave my glasses to be sent out to another lab--it just takes a few minutes once they have the lenses ready to have them put in. And they also have a fine selection of designer frames."
Emily K, Philadelphia, PA 03/07/2011 (Yelp)
“After finally admitting to myself that it was time to move on from the neon pink Gucci frames I had chosen at age 14, I headed on over to Innervision - really only because it was near my work, and a place where I had seen glasses for sale. It was that simple. Unfortunately for them, when it comes to big ticket purchases, I am NOT easy to please. Needless to say, though, I was thrilled. They were patient and accommodating while I tried on about 75% of the pairs in the store, totally clueless about what I was actually searching for. Their selection of modern, high-end, boutique (no Gucci or Prada crap here) frames basically blew my mind. They introduced me to Oliver People's and Salt - my now favorite brands. To solidify their A+ customer service status: I picked a pair, brought it home, and then, in my fashion, panicked in a terrifying "oh no wrong choice!!" moment. I brought them back in the next day horribly embarrassed. But after telling them how I felt, they graciously accepted back the frames, re-opened their cases and invited me to continue my seemingly aimless search. In the end, I found the most amazing pair of frames - more expensive, of course - but that have single-lensedly turned my four-eye-fear into four-eye-fever. I regularly stop in for tune-ups and cleanings, which are performed with a delightful level of patience and care, and when it comes time to move on from my People's ain't no ifs ands or buts about it, I'm going to Innervision.”
DI P., Philadelphia, PA 10/6/2010 (Yelp)
“I walked in and said "I'm looking for wooden frames." (I like to start trends. It never works.) And she was like "we have a couple of faux wooden frames... is that cool enough?" And pulled out a like 8 examples which was so great since this was the 6th eyeglass store and all the other ones did not carry anything close to wooden. So clearly Innervision is up with trends (or rather, my taste). Word. Nice and helpful without being pushy. It's a great place to get very cool and fun frames. Decent size selection-- more than Pearle Vision or Eye Candy Vision-- maybe close to the same as Modern Eye without the weird one-eyed mannequins. Funnily, I have Davis Vision insurance and you can get free frames but they're very specific and the insurance companies send them to the retailers and so every retailer has close to the same kind of frames. These frames are like totally blah compared to what Innervision likes to carry. So, the rack for those eyeglasses were like shoved in the back corner of this store. I like a store that recognized how uncool 80% of those frames are. hahaha! Made me smile. Good place to get hipstery type of frames. Love it! One customer who had perfect vision walked in and bought a $200 pair of the Geek eyeglasses just to have as an accessory. Awesome.”
By alethiac, 9/21/2010 (citysearch)
“I've been on the hunt for a new optician for quite some time and have finally found the perfect place! Innervision not only has a wonderful selection of high-end designer glasses (including sunnies!), but they also do all of the annoying insurance paperwork for you! All I had to do was sign a form and my insurance refund will make its way directly to my house. Its the perfect place for people who want stylish glasses and are completely lazy (like me!). I also received my eye exam here and was thoroughly happy with my doctor. He answered all of my questions and made some wonderful recommendations about how I can continue to preserve my eyesight (ie - getting away from my work computer every once and while!). The staff is incredibly helpful, professional and honest about how you look in the glasses you try on - a welcomed change from salespersons looking to make a bigger commission and push the expensive frames that look ridiculous on you. Also impressive is the turn around time for glasses. I’m very accustomed to waiting up to a week to receive my glasses, but Innervision said I should expect them in two days max! Overall, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my entire experience at Innervision – new full service optician found!”
Erica H., Philadelphia, Pa., 10/15/2010 (yelp)
“I had no idea this place would be so great--I randomly picked Innervision from my insurance website and didn't read reviews before I went. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming, and my exam was very thorough. The glasses were finished the same day. The woman who chose the frames knew exactly what would look good on me, and helped me through the experience since I was brand new at shopping for frames. I would send anyone here. I will be back! Great staff, fast and wonderful service.”
D K., Philadelphia, PA. 3/5/2010 (yelp)
“Easily the best selection of stylish eyewear in center city. Extremely friendly, helpful, and patient staff. If you don't find a frame you like, keep checking back--they're always bringing in new and cool stuff. A philly gem, hand's down!”
Kathleen M., Philadelphia, Pa. 2/22/2011 (yelp)
“Just stopped in here today to browse for my very first pair of glasses. I had been dreading it as I imagined it to be something like shopping for jeans - painstakingly slow and usually disappointing. Not so! The guy who helped me (who I believe owns the store) was very helpful and never pushy. I appreciated having the advice of someone who actually spends a good deal of time assessing how people look in glasses. He helped me find the perfect pair!”
Dalie G., Philadelphia, Pa. 8/7/2010 (yelp)
These people are awesome. Great personalities, very knowledgable and spectacular selection!! I'll never go anywhere else!!
ESHayman, Philadelphia, PA. 1/5/2010 (citysearch)
“Great place for glasses, extremely helpful staff!”
Chad, Philadelphia, Pa., 4/27/2010 (citysearch)
I've switched to Innervision from another optician and have found Innervision provides unparalleled service. There was a hiccup with one of my sets of glasses. The owner didn't wait a nanosecond before he said that he would have the lenses re-ground. It was clear that he wanted to make me a happy camper. He succeeded. I've dealt with other opticians and they haven't been quite as flexible. He has all of my business going forward.

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